Cypress Premium Funding

We Aim to Please

logocypressCypress provides a complete premium financing solution while delivering a competitively priced product with the highest standards for service. We are able to finance B+ rated carriers with competitive down payments and terms up to 11 installments. We can also provide direct bill services as well as finance multi year policies.

Driven by a commitment for client satisfaction, we continue the development of innovative products, tools, and resources. Our dedication and focus strengthens our expansion into new technology and solidifies our role as a leader in the industry. We aim to deliver world class customer service which strengthens our bond with our clients.

Who We Are

We are focused on delivering a competitive product for our clients and take great pride in our services. Cypress currently provides insurance financing to over 10,000 commercial businesses annually through an agency network exceeding 1,500 brokers.

Based in Laguna Niguel, California, our staff is committed to the highest standards for customer service. Cypress primarily operates in California but is authorized to do business in 15 states. We are able to provide financing in all 50 states through Cypress Partners.