About Us


Reata Holdings, Inc. was founded with a commitment to provide the highest level of service and products for the independent insurance professional. We build long lasting relationships with our dedication of providing products, tools, and services for retail insurance brokers.

Reata Holdings is a mult-faceted insurance and financial services organization. We continue expanding with new technology and developing innovative and new products that solidify our role as a leader. We provide insurance solutions and asset management services for over 15,000 clients.

Our growth would not have been possible without the talented and knowledgeable people who make up our organization and their commitment to build long lasting relationships. We cannot thank our clients enough for their continued support or Cypress and Ironwood.

In addition to our own companies, we have developed many strategic alliances. Strategic alliances are created from needs and opportunities. Motives for an alliance can include: risk sharing, learning about a new market, increasing capacity, future strategies, or development of new technology. While we understand our clients are independent insurance brokers, our goal is to provide tools, services, resources, and alliances for your continued success. We continue to develop alliances that benefit our customers.

Reata enables your agency to gain a competitive advantage through access to our partners’ resources. Teaming up with other resources, products, and services allows you to grow and expand more quickly and efficiently. Our alliances promote distribution, marketing, and expansion into markets needed to grow your business. Allow us to introduce you to our network, prove our value, and build a strategic alliance with your insurance agency.

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