Our companies have experienced growth with the development of new products and technology. We provided insurance solutions and management for insurance products in excess of $165,000,000 this year.

Letter from John W. Ratliff Chairman/CEO

It was another successful year for our companies and our customers. Our companies jointly originated over $165,000,000 in premium while we continue to make large strides toward automation and delivering a complete product to our clientele.

It is easy to think of our businesses as simply delivering products and services for independent retail agents, but our real value is in solving our customers problems and simplifying their lives. The insurance industry is changing by the day between technology and ever-changing market conditions. We anticipate the upcoming change and embrace it, especially when it means better serving our customers.

As I look toward the future, I can’t help but get excited about the people that are joining our group, their commitments to building lasting relationships with our clients, and tailoring services to meet their needs. I am very encouraged by our prospects for the future, which includes some upcoming exclusive products. The combination of our people, our culture, and commitment to service lead me to believe that almost anything is possible.

In closing, I want to thank our clients for their continued support of our businesses and, as always, look forward to our next opportunity.

John William Ratliff
Chairman of the Board
Reata Holdings, Inc.